Madrid on a budget

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Introduction One of the 3 great cities of Spain, Madrid. Population- 45 M Area- 504K Currency- EUR Daily budget (extreme)- 20 EUR (moderate)- 40-55 EUR Transport Madrid to Lisbon – via RyanAir/ EasyJet Barcelona to Madrid- 17 EUR (GoEUR/ALSA- the largest bus network in Spain) Metro- 1 EUR per metro ride (RENFE)   Accommodation TOC Hostel –   11 EUR

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Cheap ways to travel to Europe

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Europe is not a cheap destination. But it is still possible to realize your dream to travel to the oldest continent of the world. How? Here are some of my tips in regards to the following: Pack light to save that luggage fee at airlines and buses. Be flexible with your travel time. Most flights are cheaper in off-peak hours.

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BEIJING on a budget

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Population- 21M (2017) Area- 16K Currency- Chinese Yuan Daily budget (extreme)- 20 CNY (moderate)- 40-55 CNY High Speed Rails– Beijing serves as a large rail hub in China’s railway network. Roads and Expressways– Beijing’s urban transport is dependent upon the five “ring roads” that  surround the city, with the Forbidden City marked as the center. Subway– The Beijing Subway, which began operating in

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PARIS on a budget

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Population- 2.2  M (Paris) Area- 105.4K Currency- EUR Daily budget (extreme)- 30 EUR (moderate)- 50 EUR Paris is indeed the most stylish, and  glamorous city that I find in Europe. Everything is beautiful in Paris. Every corner and in every sidewalk, you won’t mind getting lost at all.  Almost all tourist attractions are reachable on foot. Sncf bus-  this

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10 Foods to try in East Asia

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East Asian cuisine includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, and Taiwanese food. Considering this is the most populated region of the world, it has many regional cuisines (especially China). Examples of staple foods include rice, noodles,  soy beans, seafood (Japan has the highest per capita consumption of seafood), bok choy (Chinese cabbage), and tea. 10. Eggette Eggette or known in Hong Kong as gai daan jai (鷄蛋仔) ranked no.1 in a 100 most popular Hong

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Foods to try around Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asian cuisine includes a strong emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with a strong aromatic component that features such flavors as herbs, spices, limes, calamansi, among others. Ingredients in the region contrast with the ones in the Eastern Asian cuisines, substituting fish sauces for soy sauce and the inclusion of tamarind and lemongrass. 8. Bai Sach Chrouk This is national breakfast of Cambodia along with

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10 Local dishes to try in Europe

IMG 7931 860x280 - 10 Local dishes to try in Europe

Whatever is your travel budget and preference, there’s one thing for sure that you wouldn’t want to miss out in your Europe trip– to try their local cuisines. With its rich history, arts and culture, the continent offers a culinary adventure for every type of foodie traveler out there. Food is an integral part of a country’s culture and reflects

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Foods to try in Ilocos

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Ilocos is truly the gleaming gem of the North not only for its awe-inspiring sights, thrilling adrenaline adventure and historic edifices;  but also for its appetizing foods that will fill your senses. Hidden Garden- good food selection with good ambiance Max’s Restaurant- for bagnet Coffee Break- the only restaurant I know that opens the earliest at 7:30am  Vigan Public Market- try here

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SAN MARINO on a budget

IMG 7098 Copy 860x280 - SAN MARINO on a budget

Population- 33,344 (2018) Area- 504K Currency- EUR Daily budget (extreme)- 30 EUR (moderate)- 45-55 EUR Officially the Republic of San Marino, San Marino is also known as  the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is  the world’s smallest republic and micro state landlocked by Italy with a size just over 61 km2(24 sq mi). It is also the world’ s oldest republic and sovereign state having been established in AD 301 on Monte Titano.

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Rome on a budget

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Ciao. Buona giornata! Benvenuto in Roma, Italia. I’m going to show you how I tour Rome for a day. I walked, ate, got lost; but continued my DIY walking tour in Rome. It’s easy to travel around Rome.Not just here. Perhaps in any city in Europe. This is because tourist attractions are compressed (most of the time) in one area,

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